LDF plans unveiled

Modus will present a unique installation at their showroom in Clerkenwell from 16 – 25 September entitled: Process – an exhibition of new chairs uncovering the materials and processes behind them.

Featured will be extensions to the PLC collection by PearsonLloyd, with new finishes, a new stacking chair and bar stool. New additions to Multi by Michael Sodeau will also be shown, including 2 stacking versions. Plus Dune by Monica Förster revisited with cast aluminium and timber leg base. Visitors will also get a glimpse of a new prototype chair by Jonathan Prestwich due to launch in Milan 2012. The showroom will play host to an exhibition of chairs showing production methods from long established to modern techniques. Methods shown range from traditional joinery to ply pressing, injection moulding, vacuum forming, CNC tube manipulation, gravity cast aluminium and injection moulded polyurethane foam. The methods and processes will be explained through sketches, drawings, images, and videos as well as showcasing various components, prototypes and models.

Alongside the story of production will be the final products in various finishes.