New Launch: Belt

Belt, designed by  Claesson Koivisto Rune, is aptly named after it’s distinguishing belt-like handle strap which runs up the side and across the top of the seat. The strap provides an integrated handle, fitted flush with the fabric cover, which can be easily gripped when the need to move the stool arises. “We have taken particular care to design a pleasing shape for the stool, which we wanted to have a soft character with a gentle taper towards the base.” Says Claesson Koivisto Rune 2018. Naturally, the Belt stool is circular in plan making it omni-directional. The thick, saddle leather used for the strap forms a crisp, graphic accent to the design and can be specified in several colours that can be used to contrast or complement to fabric seat cover. 


Belt will be upholstered in Alchemy, a beautiful new fabric collection by Scottish heritage brand Bute. To showcase the full spectrum of the range, The Factory will produce one stool in all 30 colours of the collection. Alongside the Belt production line, where skilled Modus factory workers will show processes from cutting to sewing, Bute will set up a hand loom to show the impact different weft yarn has on the overall look and colour of the Alchemy collection.

1400w x 787h Belt01
1400w x 787h Belt02
1400w x 787h Belt03